Deadbolt Lock Repair & Key Change

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Deadbolt lock and door knob repair & key change Miramar Florida.
New lock installation or change your existing key.
If moving in or have a lost or stolen key, get the key locks changed.
This will eliminate any old key from working, all old keys are obsolete.
Deadbolt key lock repair Miramar New deadbolt keys & repair Miramar Florida Door knob & deadbolt key change and lock repair service

Deadbolt lock & key replacement Miramar Florida rekey & repair.
Broken repair and new installations.
Master key and re key dead bolt single & double cylinders.

This means we do all aspects of the locksmithing trade.
We can handle all types of lock and keys that exist.
We do not pick and choose which job we will do, we do them all.
Also, our locksmiths will attempt to pick a lock before drilling it open.
Some of the so called locksmiths of today, do not know what a pick is.

I started locksmith to customer service back in 1978.
I was learning master key lock systems on high rise hotels.
After learning the commercial side, I learned residential.
The rest of it came easy to learn, as I was young and interested.

Listed below is a table of some of the services we render to our customers.

Panic Bar Repair & Installation

Our locksmith service technicians can repair all types of panic exit door locks.
Panic bar installation and repair available 24/7.
Fire and safety fire exit door locking systems.
Panic bars are used as a back door exit for quick exit in case if a emergency.

Rekey Lock Service

Always have your lock rekey when moving into a new property.
There might be extra keys that someone has to your lock.
Locks keyed alike or master key systems if needed.
You should always have your lock changed on new property.

Deadbolt Lock Change And Repair

Always change your deadbolt lock if it faulty.
All locks must work properly or the door is not secure.
This is the main lock to have for security.
A deadbolt can not be pryed open if installed correctly.
Deadbolt lock repair service for all types of locks.

Detex Alarm Lock Repair

Authorized Detex exit alarm lock repair and replacement service.
Detex alarm lock is used to stop pilferage.
Thre alarm will sound if there is a unauthorized opening of the door.
A key for a manager or owner will bypass the alarm.

Medeco Deadbolt Lock Rekey

Medeco authorized high security lock repair and rekey service.
These are known as the best lock in the world.
Pick proof and a special drill bit to drill it.
A Medeco deadblt lock will last yu a lifetime.
We stock lock repair parts and service them.

Baldwin Lock Repair

Baldwin lock repair, we have some parts for repair service.
Baldwin is a decorative lock hardware.
It uses cylinders standard Schlage keyway.
We can put any type of key for your convinience.

Safe Opening & Cracking

Lost safe combination cracked opened.
New safe combination to your numbers.
Safes manipulated and drilled open and repaired.
Safe cracked open at anytime, call our safe locksmiths.

Broken Key In Ignition

Broken key removal service.
Do you have a car key broken in the ignition lock?
We have special key extraction tools to remove a broken key.

Kwikset Lock Change And Repair

Rekey & repair Kwikset lock service, we have parts and new keys.
Master key systems and regular rekey of the lock cylinders.
This will eliminate a old key from working your cylinder.

Schlage Lock Change And Repair

Schlage lock repair & rekey service.
New locks installed or keyed to your other key.
We stock many Schlage bolts and parts for many lock models.

Magnetic Lock Repair & Installation

Magnet lock repair, mag lock, magnetic lock service & troubleshooting.
Is you mag lock not locking?
Keypad and card swipe systems added to a magnet lock service.

Multilock Lock Change And Repair

High security Mul-t-lock deadbolt rekey and lock repair.
We install and repair all types of Mul T Lock cylinders.
Door knob locks, padlocks, deadbolt security locks.

Crash Bar Repair & Installation

Crash bar exit door release lock repair and install service.
Most all businesses use a crash bar type of exit door release lock.
This allows for a fast exit in case of a fire or other disaster.
Also known as panic exit devices, they are all in the same name.

Mailbox Locks and Keys

Authorized USPS mailbox lock replacement service.
If you need your mail box lock key changed, call us.
New locks for your postal mail lock box.

Keys Locked In The Car

When the keys are locked in the car, we can get them out with no damage.
Auto lockout specialists, professional locksmith services.
24 hour emergency car lockout service.

Locked Out Of The House

Locked out of the house is a very bad feeling to all of us.
When you are home, and can not get in to your safe place.
We can rescue you and get you into your house.
Professional house lockout specialists to get you in fast.
House, apartment and condo lockout technicians 24 hours a day.

New Car Key Replacement

Car key replacement and programming service.
Auto locksmith 24 hour emergency roadside service.
Transponder keys programmed and replaced.
Push to start car keys made.
Car locks rekeyed and new car keys made on the spot.

We are part of the Chuck The Locksmith Team.